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How would I do a Canadian accent, or can you give me a video as an example of a Canadian accent? Answered

Well, in a few days my school is performing "Anne of Green Gables." and I was cast as the College President, I would like to know how to do a Canadian accent. The setting is Avonlea and it is central Canada just above the border of the U.S.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I suggest renting an Anne of Green Gables movie and working from that.  But really, the accent can just sound old-timey or slightly British and it'll be accurate enough.

By the way, Avonlea is not in "central Canada," it's in PEI, on the east coast.

Thanks, I just used a slightly british accent when performing my lines.

If you had started working on it a few weeks ago, you might have a chance of pulling it off. A stage dialect is not something you can just whip out in a couple of days with no practice or training. Do yourself and your audience a favor and use your regular accent.

Look, I wanted to know how to do an accent for future performances I do, not particularly the one I'm doing in a few days.

Sorry, I must have been confused by the "I'm doing a play set in Canada in a few days, and I would like to know how to speak in a Canadian accent" part. Silly of me to assume the question was about the upcoming play, and not just for general purposes. Sorry about that!

Depends on which Canadian. There's a lot of French influence, and a lot of British influence, and a whole heck of a lot of US influence, and different people have different mixtures of these in their voices. There may be less accent variation in Canada than in the US (I think), but...

I don't have a good example to point you to.

If you want stereotypical, check out some of the old "Bob and Doug McKenzie" skits from Saturday Night Live on You Tube.


Ann of Green Gables never said "Take off! Eh you hoser!"

Bob and Doug skits were among my favorite SNL skits.

I don't think us Canadians talk much different from Americans.   Sure there might be some different words or minor accents,  but thats now different  from East coast USA and from West coast USA.  I'm with Burf though.  If you want some stereotypical accent of people that live in igloos, race dog sleds, eat poutine, and say "eh"   I would watch some Bob and Doug Mckenzie.

Try old episodes of Degrassi High, I've heard it's become fairly popular in the states (20 years after the fact)...it's what most Canadian 25-40 year olds were raised on, and it was filmed in Central Canada (Ontario).  Or if you want more recent accents, try Trailer Park Boys!!  Good luck!

I'm Canadian , just use your regular vocals and It will work out great for you,I worked for a year in Reno NV and the only word I pronounced that seemed strange down there was ABOUT,they swore it sounded ABOOT.

Yeah, I've noticed that one.

Actually, what I most notice about Canadians is that they are more _polite_ than us.

Yeah, that's been my experience. I couldn't tell a Canadian from an American just by listening to them talk. And, y'all got better health care than we do. lol


8 years ago

I have some cousins who are Canadian, they live on a ranch west of Saskatoon and they all have a west Texas accent. I've visited them there  a couple of times and the only accents I could detect amongst the general population was a one that I would identify as either Texan, Arkansan or Oklahoman.
For the most part, the people I met had no accent that would distinguish them from any middle American that I have ever known.