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How would I get a non-corrective contact lens prescription? Answered

I want some of these: http://www.9mmsfx.com/lenses.html But you need a prescription.



Best Answer 8 years ago

You have to go to an eye doctor. The even if they are not corrective the lenses have to fit your EYES otherwise you can damage your eyes. Besides if you could buy them without going to the doctor, how would they ever pay for their lake houses?

Yes, having read the site FAQ you're quite right - the optician needs to give the lab basic information about your eyes SHAPE even if you want plano lenses. So you're stuck. You HAVE to get an eye exam.

You would pay ~$200 for a pair?

Agreeding with the previous posts about eye exams for eye shape, you will also find that a lot of opticians in larger population centres will actually stock these things themselves (I've seen at least one stockist in Norwich, my nearest city). That has the advantage that you will be able to see them for real (how do you know those photos aren't enhanced?), and you can have more confidence regarding the quality / hygiene of the lenses.

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