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How would I get started making my own audio synthesizers? Answered

I've been admiring and building rudimentary synthesizers for a while now (Nandhopper, Atari Punk Synth, etc..) but I still don't understand the deeper theory behind the circuits. I want to build my own synthesizers- where on earth do I start?



8 years ago

Just some more suggestions...
also PAiA has analog synth kits (analog like 1970s MoogTM type)
also try "circuit bending" of toy instruments especially keyboards;
and search for "circuit bending", because
things you learn while bending old sound toys may help you
explore "digital" synthesizers, which may otherwise require
making software and hardware from scratch out of DSP chips
or PIC chips, etc.

For self-recording, Audacity is a free digital tracking program.


8 years ago

is a vary good place to get into more advance synth diy .
and to start to understand the deeper theory behind the circuits.
The answer is practice and patience.  first thing to do is learn to read schematics if you haven't already.  then get a breadboard  start playing with simple designs work your way up. you can learn alot from adding more to the APC even.
looking at the IC data sheets is vary help full.

I've been into Diy  synths  for a few years now and i still have a lot to learn.
So i hope this helps
And good luck synth diy is a hard habit to break
if you need any more links fell free to Pm me


8 years ago

 Search "music synthesizer" on Instructables or Google.  There are also books on the subject.