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How would I go about getting nomination into USNA? Answered

I am 13 and will be entering high school at the end of the summer. I have the desire to attend the United States Naval Academy. I understand almost everything I need to do to get into the academy... except for one thing. I am slightly confused about the nomination from congress. If you have an explanation to this process your information would be greatly appreciated.

Any other information regarding what to expect at the academy or in the navy is also welcome.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well at least you're starting early enough.

Did you read this page?

You need to get as many good grades as you can.  From now on.

You need to do extra curricular activities.

You need to make friends with your congress persons and senators.  To do that you may have to start lower like your mayor, your parents lawyer or anyone who might help you work your way up the ladder.  In a couple of years you need to intern at their office or help in the campaign.  You need to get noticed in a good way by them.  If you can get one on board with you they can get the others.

Don't ever, ever even take a chance on doing something that will tarnish your reputation.

I thought of something else late last night.

You should go ahead and write to your congress persons and senators now.  Introduce yourself and tell them what you plan to do.  Tell them why you want it.  And about how you are going to graduate in the to 5% of your high school (and do it).

Keep the letter a page or less, USE SPELL CHECK and get one or more adults to look it over for grammatical errors.  Don't let them rewrite it though, it needs to sound like it came form an intelligent 13 year old.