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How would I go about making a Human Mounted Computer? Answered

I wish to make a computer that can be carried on the person, and used at the same time, in sort of an intergrated unit, with sort of a head mounted display, so you can see the screen through one, or both eyes, but which you can also see through, in the case of the dual eye soloution, and with enough screen size and resoloution to be able to read text. Also, perahps some sort of control system for the pointing device (mouse), yes, how would you control the mouse in this Human Mounted Computer? And maybe a second screen, sort of like a wired tablet screen, so you can show people things on your computer. Maybe the whole thing could be contained in a vest, flak jacket sort of thing? yeah, so how?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Slap your little brother and make him wear it like a backpack!

Interesting idea... Hmm... Well, you could use a netbook and remove the nonessential components such as screen, webcam, and trackpad. I think the best option for screen would be video glasses. They do tend to be pricey but they have USB powered glasses. For input, there's keyboard pants, and I'm sure you could work out some pantleg trackpad. The body for the netbook (the bottom half) could be put in a slightly modified backpack for cooling and ventilation. Good luck if you choose to go through with it! And keep me updated, this would be interesting!


9 years ago

Not too sure about the HMD (they tend to get pricey), but for the computer try looking at Gumstix (http://gumstix.com/) they have a few selections for various small computing needs.

I heard some guy put linux on a gumstix.

"with sort of a head mounted display, so you can see the screen through one"

Place a piece of glass at an angle in front of your eye, which reflects the image from the camera eyepiece. It's a Pepper's Ghost type of thing.


The simplest possible (to my knowledge) is to use a camera's display screen/panel over one or both eyes (two for both eyes, one on each). I'm not sure, but I think if you could use a laptop and mod it out like hell. I have personally used the camera viewing screen trick for my remote control car, two cameras placed eye width apart within the car, and have a set of sun glasses wired up with the screens. Quite fun, but getting the focus wrong on one can make you so dizzy! Bit of fun, sorry for rambling, hope your idea works.