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How would I go about making a forge from a pressure cooker? Answered

I am interested in making a forge, and I think the pressure cooker would be a good idea. Am I wrong? Any information would be helpful. It is 18 inches across.


EDIT: I am looking for a metalworking forge


Why do you want to specifically use a pressure cooker?

You really need a steel container. A blacksmith will simply use a steel tray heaped with coke or charcoal and blow air through the heap.

Remember the fumes given off can kill you so ventilation is essential.

The reason I want to use a pressure cooker is because I got it for free.

As Kiteman said, avoid an aluminum cooker, since the melting point of aluminum is fairly low. Similarly for copper.

The best way to make a forge is to line your metal container with firebrick (refractory ceramic). That way you get the strength of the metal for support, but don't have to worry as much about it softening under heat.

If it's aluminium, I wouldn't use it at all (it will melt before your iron).

Otherwise, there are a number of projects using cans for small forges - you could follow one of those, but scaled up to produce more metal.