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How would I go about making this instead of buying it? Answered

My husband and I are looking into remodeling our bathroom. One of the things we both really like is the waterfall spout for the bathtub. Unfortunately the cost of this is way out of our price range. Does anyone have any idea of how we would make this on our own? Would it end up being cheaper?


If you do make it, document the process and enter it into the upcoming "I Could Make That" contest. 7/29/13 to 10/21/13 +/- a few days on either end depending on scheduling.

I would look into your local Habitat For Humanity Renovation Store. They get items from people who are renovating their homes (still nice & usable). Find out their hours and when they get new items to stock their store and be their when they open. Not idea on building it, just another option :)

I was unfamiliar with a "waterfall spout" but a quick google search did the trick. It doesn't look mechanically difficult. Really more of a round connection point for the piping leading over to a flat rectangular exit. To me the difficulty doesn't seem to be in making it, but rather in making it look good.

As for price, I'm guessing it is made of polished stainless steel sheet. According to metals depot a 1x2 feet sheet of mirror polishes SS would run at just over 100 dollars (I dont know how big those things are but this seemed a reasonable size). Add to this all consumables (to cut, weld, clean and polish the piece), tools required and the amount of time you will spend working on it... You might be better off buying the thing ready made (seem to be on ebay for around 100 dollars as well). Especially as this will guarantee the look you intend.