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How would I go about programming an Arduino Pro Mini, using an Arduino Uno without its ATMega328 removed? Answered

I have had some thoughts of getting an OSEPP Pro Mini, but I cannot find FTDI cables at Fry's. I need a program like the example "ArduinoISP" but for FTDI devices rather than ICSP devices.


I dont' think you can ISP over the serial port, just the SPI

Based on what you're telling me, ISP and SPI are the same. But I'm looking for an FTDI programmer.

The FTDI cable is used for "IAP", or In application programming.. The ICSP port (SPI) is used for ISP.

Is this processor unprogrammed, or does it have the arduino bootloader on it ?

You CAN make an ICSP programmer from a working Arduino though - this Ible shows you a way.



An arduino dumilenove or equivalent will act as an ftdi board if you just take the atmega chip out - you won't have access to the 'reset' pin so you need to manually reset the target board that already has the arduino bootloader on it.

Well, I said I wanted to avoid that (I have even never in my life seen an IC remover, and I'm not sure whether my dad has one), but as the first I'ble in the list of the related ones says, I could just connect a wire between RST and GND, so I wouldn't have to remove the on-board ATMega328, but it still could not be programmed by the on-board ATMega8. Maybe I'll get an OSEPP Pro Mini the next time I go to Fry's. (The first time I saw the OSEPP at Fry's was before I had my Arduino Uno; therefore any Arduino boards.)

pulling an atmega chip out is a bit tricky but if you lift from both sides evenly with a pair of plastic tools its fairly easy.