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How would I make a bug detector? Answered

Is it possible for a diy-er to build an ir detector to find bugs, cctvs, etc?


Hey, This page does not seem to work... Can you please put up the instructions again?

Hi, this was a question...unfortunately it didn't contain instructions (I was looking for instructions, not posting them). Sorry. :( You might try a google search, and read the link posted in tech-king's comment.

That's what the commenter was complaining about. The Guelph link now returns "404 not found."

You need to click the "reply" link associated with the comment to which you are replying. "Add comment" puts your text at the top level, and since nobody else can read your mind, we don't know to whom you're replying.

Try using Google to find the information you seek.

Thank you very much tech-king! :)