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How would I make a mould for plaster of Paris to go into? Answered

For the game.life contest I want to have a game controller mounted to wood like a trophy. How would I go about making a half-xbox-controller mould for plaster of Paris? If anyone steals the idea I can proudly say that I had the idea first.

P.S Notice how the analog sticks stick out? That could be a challenge :P


Options: Easiest: find a dead controller and chop it in half.

Next easiest -- you'll need to disassemble a controller because the sticks are undercuts and that won't work.

You'll need to make a 2 part mold of the shell after its disassembled, then make molds of the buttons and thumb sticks/dpad. Then you have to reassemble them. Csearch 'casting' and you'll find lots of ibles on the subject.