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How would I make a timer for a camera that doesn't have one? Answered

So I can take a picture of myself without needing super stretchy arms.


Here's a great article about building the timer.  It is setup for a camera that takes an external timer, release or intervaleometer.

You will have to figure out how to make a release work with your camera unless you want to open it up and tie into the switch contacts.

I personally would try a small solenoid attached above the shutter button and pressing on a spring that then pressed on the button.  It should press on the button for about a second to allow the camera to focus and take the picture.

You could do this with a servo or motor and gears but then you'll have to design a way for the circuit to reverse itself.

What camera is it? Some will allow you to trigger the shutter, would mean you wouldn't need the servo.

No it doesn't allow that, I already checked.