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How would I mod my car's alarm system to call/text my cell phone whenever it goes off? Answered

 Last October (Oct. 12, 2009), my car was broken into in my own driveway, about 1:00 am. The thieves got away with my entire audio system and gps. Ever since then, I've developed somewhat of a phobia of leaving my car unattended. I have to check on my car fairly close to every two hours or I start to have a minor panic attack, including while I sleep, and I am beginning to have major problems staying awake for school and work.
I saw this instructable ( www.instructables.com/id/Motorbike-Phone-Alarm/ ) and realized how much stress it would take away if I had something similar to this. However, this example was activated when the motorcycle was moved. I would need to have a phone that could be wired into my car's pre-existing alarm system, and programmed to call me whenever the alarm goes off.
Any ideas on how this could be done?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Most factory car alarms have an input and an output that are just a set of voltage lines (5 or 12 volt) that either a) set off the alarm, or b) activate something else when the alarm IS triggered.

If you got the motorbike phone alarm, and modified it to accept the signal from the car alarm then the phone portion of the alarm would send the text on activation.  You could also get an alarm system that uses a wireless fob so that your keys also start alarming when there is a trouble sensed.


8 years ago

you need pager or gsm dialer (aboout 30 Euro)
conect gsm dialer to gsm, to alarm, to 12V car batery, and even to central lock and you have it
when alarm sound or silent alarm star - you gsm rings
when you ring it can unlock you car or stop alarm or block engine, or even explode some gas if you made it (big petard and 1 liter amoniac or sometng similar)