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How would I silence a pipe? Answered

Alright, I moved into my basement over the summer, and there's always some noise going down in the boiler room across the hall, and from the sewage pipe in the storage room. It's annoying when I'm trying to sleep, and google gives me no methods of silencing them. So, if you pros had to silence a water boiler and a sewage pipe (PVC)?


If it's the sewage pipe a c coat of rubber then foam insulation would probably quite it a bit and maybe a couple of braces made of wood or metal with rubber feet, the metal vibrates creating sound, and amplifies the effect by being and excellent carrier of sound, but it need to vibrate and the foam insulation (use closed cell) simply deadens sound by being a soft material with no convient or consistent path for the sound to vibrate around... An empty room is louder than a room with furniture, the echos come from sound being able to move freely and uninterrupted. Sorry for the physic lesson, I thought it might help you have more Ideas for making it quiet... another would be a reroute.

There's no way in hell Im re-routing a sewage pipe. haha Do you think wrapping the pipe in soundproofing foam would do anything? Or would I have to put the foam on the whole wall?

either would do and soundproofing the apartment would lend itself to better temperature control and you can have a party and the neighbours will think you're a quiet ole drug dealer and not bother you...

It might be that the pipes are vibrating and hitting something, try to reduce the wiggle room without doing something that could be a fire hazard.

Nope, it's the water flowing through the pipe. It sounds like water running, the pipe its self runs about 2 inches from the wall.

yes, for the sewer....if the boiler pipes are "banging" it is from heating/cooling expansion (probably with air in the pipes too). If maintenance bled the air out of the pipes that may help ;-)

Maybe you can move the pipe out more, maybe it was the water that shakes the pipe, which causes it to hit the wall.

Try putting thin foam (like the type you get between new plates) between the pipe and the clips holding it on to the wall/studs/beams

Slap one, and say, "Billy! You listen to me now. You will stop making noise, and go to bed, I have a big day tomorrow, and you are not going to ruin it, do you hear me? You are not going to ruin it!"

I know this is no help, but I just had to do it.