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How would I solder a Soft Push button switch to an LED circuit board from a Solar yard light? Answered

I'm currently working on a project similar to slchorne's "handheld solar power supply" instructable and have run into a little trouble. The device will use a circuit board/LED light from a solar yard light and an SPST Soft Push button switch (with some new wires of course) as a flashlight and I'm not sure how I would connect the switch with the circuit board and the battery pack so that it functions correctly. Would I solder both ends of the switch wires to the circuit board or would I solder one end of the circuit board and one end of the switch wires to the battery pack?



7 years ago

An on off switch can be anywhere in the circuit. It simple breaks the flow of power. You will need a return wire that does not have to be switched. Think of electricity like water moving through a series of hoses and you should be able to figure it out. The placement of the switch is usually for the operators convenience.

This leads me to yet another question: How would i connect a blocking diode to the solar cell to battery pack circuit? Which wire, positive or negative, would i put it and which direction would the little silver ring of the diode face?

In that case I think i'll go with the video i got the idea from and connect it up to the circuit board...Thanks for the tip!