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How would i build a cheap wireless theatre comms add-on, possibly using phones as the wireless component? Answered

My school theatre has a Jands Ezicom (i think) comms system but its all wired. My friend and i were wondering if its at all possible to make a DIY wireless add-on. We had the idea of somehow interfacing some cordless phones into the system and using the conference capabilities of them but obviously this presents some problems with voltage/impedance/whatever else. Its also just a personal thing so A) only up to 2 wireless devices would be needed max, and B) its self funded so cheaper is better. If anyone can offer advice or ideas its all welcome.


Given you can pick up a set of DECT mobile phones for around 20 dollars, is it worth it?

The issue isnt with the actual wireless capabilities themselves, its with interfacing them with the current system. Effectively i just want to have the base station of the DECT phone connected into the system so it can relay audio signals into the system from a handset that i would carry with me. Thats where the problems start, the actual interface

The system is the Jands Ezicom E200. i havent been able to find schematics yet


4 years ago

How will you handle screaming feedback ?

Tbh, i have no experience whatsoever with this scale of electronics. The most ive done in the past is mess around with LED's and motors

Question is do you have permission from the school to do this?

Permission from the school isnt an issue as ive already talked about it with one of the theatre directors and theyre fine with it

Oh, and i should clarify. i would like it to connect with the current system, so the wireless devices can communicate with all of the other wired ones as well