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How would i create electrical suspension for a go kart? Answered

Im on a tight budget, i have a lot of supplies though. I am going to use it for a project in my engineering class. I really need help with it because i cant find anything about ti on the web. please post anything that you think would be helpful
cheers Tony-palmer


I would think it would be too heavy. You might get some mileage out of eddy current damping using rare earth magnets & aluminium or air suspension using a tennis ball as the suspension unit.

thanks for all your help, but it has to be electrical for the experiment. Is there any way?

Absolutely! Magnets...Rare Earth in PVC pipe Housings slip fitted. If a stronger material is needed Aluminum will be fine.

Put a handle on the forces and damping you are looking for, and then decide. Modern magnets might make it a practical idea, but Rick is probably right.