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How would i get this to run parallel with another one of itself? Answered

for example, I'm planning to run the LED's parallel so that they all get the voltage equally, rather than having the voltage split up. Can anyone show me a simple diagram of how to do the same, but with the entire setup instead? please, and thanks. email would be nice, jelly.turf@gmail.com

here is the instructable i'm talking about


Which instructable !
Running LEDs in parallel, without current sharing resistors is a VERY bad idea.


Personal pet peeve: DO forget to email him your answer. If it isn't important enough for folks to come back to pick up their responses, it isn't important enough to be worth answering. Also, keeping the discussion here encourages collaboration and thus helps the entire community (and produces better answers).

I NEVER email people answers ;-)
It, as you say, defeats the purpose of the site.


I think what he was wanting e-mailed was the diagram, since it would be easier for him to use that way. 

Not to mention the fact that the response will get emailed automagically anyway....

oops, sorry. this instructable:

I have a 3V adapter from my old gameboy, and i want to use blue led's. which resistor would i need to use?


8 years ago

Maybe this will help.