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How would i go about making an RFID triggered beep/LED Flash? Answered

Hello everyone,

Ive bought a RFID dongle and tablet to work together for me as a loyalty data collector. The thing is, when the Milfare 1k card is scanned, it wont make a beep or LED flash to let the customer know its been scanned correctly.

I need another reader which is connected nest to the dongle (all of this will be put together in a plastic compartment) so that when any Mifare 1k card is scanned the dongle and tablet will do its job but i want the other scanner to let off a beep and LD flash at the same time?

How would i go about doing this??




what exact scanner did you get?

Many times scanners like that will include internal circuit board contacts that have multiple outputs;

'successful scan' status
'failed scan' status
and serial output are common.

I bought this..