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How would i make a can dispenser? Answered

I just bought a stock pile of pepsi cans, 330 ml.  And i'm bored of them just lying on the floor, and also need something to do.... I have masses of lego, and have seen many working, vending machines that dispense cans. Such as; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU1VCtobxkw  I would like to make something very similar to that, And really want to know how to make a simple pepsi can dispenser.
Any help appreciated, (:


There are a lot of different wars to do this. You could just find a PVC pipe that the cans will fit into. Then cut two holes on at the top to load the cans and one at the bottom for the cans to be taken out from. Mount it like this " | " not like this "---". Then let gravity do the work.
Or you could build something from wood. The basic idea is simple. 2 pieces of wood, one on each side that guide the cans down and keep them from going topsy turvy. then something on the front face to keep them from falling out.
| *********|
| **CAN**|
| *********|
| | |
| | |
| V | ok so im not an artist but you get the idea.

Here are some links for other ideas.
(im not sure if Instructables allows links so I dont know if these will show or for how long they will do so.
1. http://www.drzero.org/temp/pantry1.pdf
Once you get past the guns and the guard dogs this is my favorite one.

More mobile, and a little more complicated. But still nice.

Another nice way to store cans.

4. http://letusbeprepared.blogspot.com/2010/03/getting-organized-with-can-organizer.html
This one you would have to buy. Or would you? Im thinking Heavy Cardboard might do the trick.

Just look around and get some ideas. PVC pipe is very easy to work with once you have played with it a little. Then go from there. How abuot a gravity fed PVC Pipe dispenser with Peltier cooling for the bottom 3 cans or so.

There are a few can dispensers on this site.  Just search.