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How would one go about creating a lake? Answered

I figured a lake, or a mini lake style puddle would be much better to swim in than a dam or a pool, and also lower maintenance than a pool, so just out of curiosity, what would the idea's for making one be?


There are "natural pools", where half the area is given over to plants that keep the water clean - look for them on Google.

However, please note that any pond will gather wildlife. Most importantly, stagnant non-chlorinated water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes; your neighbors may have Strong Opinions about this plan. (In our area, the board of health is already spraying wetlands to try to keep the skeeter population under control, and asking folks to make sure there aren't small sheltered puddles....)

AIUI The idea of the "natural pools" is that wildlife like fish in the pond margins prevent exactly what you comment on.

The water in the pond is emphatically not stagnant. I am no expert on ponds though !!

Here is a UK link to this intriguing idea.


Outdoor Swimming pools are, you might imagine, rare here.....


First, unless it's on your land, do not go digging around. Now, if you want to dig a lake you can't just start digging. You need to check to make sure there is a water reserve where you will be digging. If there is you want to make sure you have the right tools to dig. Unless you are only going 4 foot deep, a shovel will not suffice. (There may be rocks, weeds, roots, anything in your way that muscle alone cannot move) You'll want an excavator. Also, ponds do not clean themselves, you will need to plant specialized plants or get ducks or keep it clean manually. In all, building your own lake is quite a feet unless you have the perfect stretch a land. Good luck.

pretty much any way you want. just dig a large hole big enough for you to swim in, and deep enough so that you wont lose water to quickly (preferably down to the water table, it's not that deep) also you should want to choose a low-lying spot as to add to the holding ability. after you dig the hole, you will want to add plenty of bentonite clay to the bottom (an ingredient common in kitty litter) to help seel the pond and slow the leakege of water. then you will need some kind of pump, like a windmill, to keep it full. that is about it.


7 years ago

Find a nice, scenic spot in the Northern hemisphere, on a bit of high, solid ground. Obtain a comfortable lawn chair, a parka, and a large supply of beer. Drink beer. When then next continental glaciation occurs (sooner than you might think), don said parka, and continue to drink beer. Urinate occasionally. If the glacier gets too close, relocate. No rush. Be patient. Drink more beer. When the glaciers recede, if you are lucky, there will be a wealth of pools before you, and I'm sure that some of them will be eminently swim-able. Please report back to us with your results, as nothing tingles my bones more than a virgin melt-water pool...