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How would one make an Ipod shuffle (2nd gen) charger? Answered

Hello 'iblers :o) I'm sick of my bulky shuffle dock (shame on you, Apple!), and want to make something like the shufflebud or this homemade one*.
I have plenty of parts but the problem is that I cannot find an 'ible or anything telling me what to do - I'd make one myself but don't know the details of usb wiring. The dock alternatives shown in these pictures transfer song files like the standard dock - this functionality would be a bonus and I know that one of you has the knowledge!

*The link on the Engaget page to instructions (in German) is broken. Here is a translation of the page.


You'all are going to hate me for this..... :-)

How would one make an Ipod shuffle

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you can buy that exact thing at deal extreme for 2 dollars, free shipping

Well, I found this pinout, simply connect a jack like this to the corresponding USB A pins. An USB A pinout is not hard to find. Google image search.


The pinout for the USB port and the ipod jack are on the german page, all it is is a matter of soldering the pins together as shown in the diagram.

Well, a quick and simple way is to just get a power adapter that has a place to plug in your usb cord. That's what I do with my zune.