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How would one transform a durable digital wrist watch into a swell steam-punk pocket watch? Answered

Say for instance, a Casio G-Shock into a really cool and functional pocket watch guaranteed to impress. An easy process would be a plus, in addition to parts available at the hardware store.


I just did that(thanks for the idea) by attaching a jewelry chain with relatively big loops, and attaching some sort of clip on the end.

Take the watch into the hardware store and start looking at plumbing parts. 1 1/2 to 2 inch pipe caps might work, but are going to run $5-$10. You could look at the copper toilet floats, but you have to have a way of cutting the thin metal and wrapping the edge around the watch-don't forget the loop to hold your chain and fob : ) You might be able to find a 'quick connect' plastic joint that you could cut down and paint. They are a big nut that goes over a rubber gasket and a short length of pipe-if the watch fits inside where the gasket goes, you would have a good start. In electrical connectors there are conduit joints you could use in a similar way. If nothing else, get some plumber's epoxy putty and sculpt your own : ) Small fittings like corner protectors, hinges and small brass screws are usually found near woodworking. Many hardware stores will sell short lengths of brass chain in different designs-you could look in the lighting section for a chain end as a fob. If you can drill a hole large enough for the watch to fit in, you could make a wood case, drill for the watch, then have small screws hold a modified light plate cover over it-they come in fancy and plain designs. You might be able to cut one in half and use a hinge and magnet to create a 'box' for the watch. You could build up layers of cardboard to the shape you like, cover with the epoxy and paint brass and tortoise shell colors, you could even make a hinged cover if you are up to it : )


9 years ago

I'd suggest gutting a traditional pocket watch and fitting the digital watch innards inside the case. You could probably get the pocket watch from a second hand store; it doesn't even matter if it works anymore! I'm not sure how the watch itself could be secured inside, though. That's up to you. ;)