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How would you convert a nice stack of dice into an art piece? Answered

Hello Community!
Sice you are the most creative people I know I think you'll be able to help me:
I used to collect dice and I have a nice stack of them. I'd like to turn them into a piece of art without destroying them but I don't know what would look nice on my wall.
Any ideas?



I have actually seen it turned into jewelry.

yeah, it is a popular iten in jewelerry plus I own a hella lot scrap boardgame paws, whatya think, would I be able to like turn them into jewelerry and post it on Etsy?

that sounds like a great idea

Yes, I have seen people make jewlery out of them & wall scuplture comes to mind. send me a picture of the dice, renewalof48@yahoo.com or on this page.


2 years ago

Clean out a long fluorescent bulb and put them in the glass tube. Run a strand of mini LEDs through it to light them up.

I like this one really much! what do you think, is it hard to remove the "cloudyness" of the bulb and is it hard to obtain a worn out one?

I've cleaned out one of these bulbs before and the white frost is some kind of powder coating that washes right out. Maybe check a thrift store for an old under counter mount light. It's likely to still have the bulb in it.

Instead of a shelf, could you make a very shallow shadowbox? It'd be like a picture frame but with 1/2" of space between the glass and the back.

yeah that was my idea, too but I had to realize my dice are soo fdirrecent in size & shape it'd probably end up looking bad. But maybe should I do this with a portion of them? Will think about it!


2 years ago

I don't know how many you have, but if you zoom out quite a lot you can do something with the greyscale they generate (one eye is pretty white, 6 eyes is pretty grey). Some kind of mosaic (there are some online tools to help you design it).

they are soo diff in sizes and shape it wouldn't work out :(

Fix a batten to your wall as a narrow shelf, then stack the dice on that, in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Use small pieces of Blu Tack* to affix dice directly to the wall.

Double-sided tape should hold them together in an invisible, reversible manner as well.


I used to have blu-tackked dice on my wall but they stained it pretty badly plus half of them fell down pretty often, so blu-tack is not the perfect solution.

Are you sure dobule-sided tape would hold them without a damage?

I can't be 100% certain, as it depends on the quality of the tape and the exact nature of your dice, but I would do it with my dice.