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How would you go about building a CHEAP remote linear actuator to release a spring loaded trigger? Answered

I would like to build a remote bird launcher (does not hurt the animal) from cheap or used parts, but my electronics skills have been found wanting!

The mechanism is spring loaded so I just need to release a trigger mechanism sothat the springs can do their job and launch the bird. We are currently using a string, but is not effective!

I have come across a few other instructables/diys for this, but they tend to be made from more expensive parts.

I have heard ideas like using a doorbell remote and receiver, but how do you get the receiver to give a pulse to an actuator in order to push/pull the trigger? The suggested actuator is a car central locking device.

ANY advice would be greatly appreciated and i am open for any fresh ideas.


I'd use the coil and armature from a relay as the trigger, just like the sort of thing you find on a crossbow.

linear actuator is easy - Drive a threaded rod with a small motor - A nut will run up and down the rod making your actuator.