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How would you imprint a graphic or text onto a blank aluminium or stainless steel blank switch plate cover? Answered

I'm making a pedal board/road case with a buddy of mine. It's in its early stages, but it will consist of a pedal board and lift-away lid, covered in tolex with metal corners and such. I'd like to put some sort of small name plate or logo on the front end of it. I've found a blank switch plate cover, normally used to cover up spots where light switches or power outlets used to be, and by some means apply a logo or text to it. It's about the size that I'd like the logo/text to be anyways. I guess I could go and print a sticker and call it done, but I'm looking for a way to make this more permanent. It will be on the outside of what is essentially a small road case, so it will be up against the elements. So I guess if there was a good way to print off a design and put a layer of something over it so it will stay in place, possibly be shiny ( :D ), and be protected from the elements, I'd be all set! For the sake of aesthetics I've decided whatever plate I get, it will be some kind of metal. I've found brushed aluminium, stainless steel, and chrome.


what if you get that mat-tac (sp?) stuff. it's like a thin plastic adhesive sheet, cut out whatever pattern on it. apply it to the plate and then use an acid etching paste on it, or even sand blast it. Sand blasting might take away from the sharpness of the image's edges

You can silkscreen print it, or even try iron-on transfer methods (toner transfer, or iron on transparency)