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How would you make a battery holder for a AAA battery? Answered

I make many small motorized things but have never found a good way to keep the wires on to the battery, i have used dog-eared paper clips and i can't find a single AAA battery case. Soldering batterys is annoying because i have a horrible soldering gun. Duct tape is what i normally use but it is annoying to have to take it all off to see if there is a problem.


I'm thinking of the same thing right now, and the next thing I'm going to try is to find some rubber hose that the batteries fit snugly into for taping together or other combining methods.

wrap it in paper then alfoil but not alfoil by itself because it would heat up and blow.

I would suggest that you get some old tv remotes, battery chargers and other toy that use AAA batteries then remove the the battery holder, if you cant find any then get some AA holders then wrap the AAA with paper and tape to increase the diameter then use a ball of aluminum foil to increase the length then you can fit it in a AA holder. and if you project doesn't have enough room for a AA holder then go to http://www.batteryholders.com/aaa_cellholders.shtml