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How would you seal the seams of a clear plastic greenhouse? Answered

I want to connect pieces of clear heavy plastic together to make a house-shaped greenhouse, without using tape. Would a hot glue gun work or would it melt the plastic? Could I sew the pieces together or would the needle holes cause ripping? I'm afraid to use tape because I don't think it would stay on long term. If anyone has done this successfully, please share how you did it. Thanks!


You can get clear duct tape

I've never heard of clear duct tape -- would that hold well? Would the sun cause it to melt off? Our summers here get really hot. If that would work, that would be a solution.

Now that duct tape has become so popular for making projects, you can find different colors in craft shops and hardware stores. I've used the clear before, and if my greenhouse didn't get destroyed by snow, then that's what I planned to use to patch it.

Thanks for the info. You're in cold country and I'm where it gets extremely hot in the summer -- hopefully venting the plastic will keep my starter plants from frying. Have you recreated your greenhouse, and if so, did you go with plastic again?

Nah, I'm still aggravated by the whole thing. I'm going to yank it down and put up a grape arbor.

There's a tape made for this. Red Sheathing tape. It may not actually be red, but most likely it IS red with the name of the company written on it. You can find it at the hardware store. It's used for sealing joins in vapor barrier on the inside of homes and insulation on the outside of homes. Sticking to plastics is what it does best... and it should hold up pretty well to moisture too.

Thank you GuardianFox and iPodGuy for your information. Now I can go forward with my plans. I'm looking forward to building this in the shape that I want and know that it will hold together at the seams. Thanks!