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Howto make a Cheap partybutton Answered

How to make a cheap party button

The stuff i have.

  • Usb Game controller*
Winamp / Windows media player
  • A laptop
  • A Remote controlled power switch (2x)?



Best Answer 9 years ago

You can probably do this better with a simple X10 controller. Nevermind the laptop and USB game controller, make yourself or buy a big red button to use. Interface it with a cheap IR remote control for the X10 controller. Shouldn't be difficult. I also assume by "party button," you mean a button that turns on lights, music, etc when pressed.

Yea but im dutch so where to get X10?

No idea there. You can do this with a microcontroller board and some relays, but you won't be able to control the same lights with your normal light switches and such. The Arduino board can do this, and as an added bonus it has USB, so it can be used to control any music players you have on your computer.