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Howto wire an AVR programmer to a microcontroller-socket? Answered

i'm bloody new into electronics and i want to make these "animatronic cat ears". I bought an avr-programmer with a usb-jack on the one hand and a 10pin-jack on the other hand, a chip and sort of a exchange-socket (dunno how it's called). Now i'd have to solder the socket (2x8 pins) onto a piece of breadboard and connect it to the 10pin-jack of the programmer  (otherwise i'd have to buy new programmer with socket for expensive 20 bucks). I can't really find the info howto wire things and i'm a lil bit afraid of frying things.



Best Answer 5 years ago

The 10-pin AVR ISP connector pinout is such: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/images/articles/avrtargetboards_1.jpg  or maybe less confusing image: http://innovativeelectronics.com/innovative_electronics/download_files/manual/AVR%20ISP%20Cable%20Connector.jpg . (NC means not connected to anything, don't pay attention that the other image says "led" on the same spot.)

If you look out Attiny13 datasheet, you should find MISO, MOSI, SCK, RESET, VCC and GND on its pinout drawing.

Now just connect pins with same names and you should be good to go.

ok, found that datasheet and the pic showing 8-PDIP/SOIC, but what do i connect its PB3/PB4 (Pins 2&3) to? GND?

Nothing in this case. Or if you would do the programming in ready made circuit it would not matter at all what was connected to the rest of the pins.

Pins outside of the microcontroller are connected to huge net of things - a whole computer like functionality - inside the chip, they are not separate entities that you would need to influence separately.

Programming is writing data to dedicated part of chips memory. To do that only the following is needed:
power (Vcc and GND),
clock signal for syncronizing actions between chip and programmer (SCK),
line for incoming data (MOSI),
line for letting the programmer device know, if everything is as expected (MISO),
and RESET signal to stop the chip from trying to run a program at the same time it is written.

Take a look at the AVRasp website and there is a circuit diagram for the connector. You have to pick that apart to see the connections for your lead.

Show us a picture of the connector.

avr-programmer is this one: http://www.google.de/imgres?hl=de&client=firefox&hs=GRe&sa=X&tbo=d&rls=com.yahoo:de:official&biw=1006&bih=584&tbm=isch&tbnid=MWKQQIo8Q31pYM:&imgrefurl=http://www.miniinthebox.com/de/usbasp-usbisp-3-3v-5v-avr-programmer-usb-atmega8-atmega128_p391023.html&docid=pxb2TkU3LbQ42M&imgurl=http://cloud8.lbox.me/images/384x384/201208/usbasp-usbisp-3-3v-5v-avr-programmer-usb-atmega8-atmega128_brouvn1346398659771.jpg&w=384&h=384&ei=Gqa6UO2EMcG0tAb2rYCwBA&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=484&sig=110303147255124986286&page=4&tbnh=161&tbnw=179&start=52&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:62,s:0,i:275&tx=92&ty=69 and the socket i bought for the microcontroller is same as this one: https://www.instructables.com/image/F98ADJ8GYUY0INB