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Huge knex builds from knex.com Answered

Check out these huge builds from these knex designers on Knex.com
Here are some pictures of the biggest knex builds.
Which include:
The Capitol Building
The American Flag
The Statue of Liberty
And a 8 foot portrait of President Obama
This really shows the endless possibilities from knex.
You can read more Here.


 i have a knex instructions book and the whitehouse pic is in there!!


8 years ago


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I think what he means is that these are extremely good for knex. We all know the things we can make with legos but using knex makes it a hundred times more difficult.

Hmmm...that certainly wasn't clear.  However, I get your point.  K'Nex is a "general purpose" construction system, so doing such stuff isn't in principle any harder than "repurposing" Lego pieces.  Maybe it doesn't have the same kind of artistic/adult following as Lego, so such activities aren't as common.

As I said before, those pictures are really impressive.  Thanks!

Those are really impressive!  Thank you for posting this, and for including the link.

I used to think people who made knex guns had no life, but these guys really, REALLY need to get a life, and possibly a girlfriend (Oh wait they will probably just make a knex one HAHAHA)

I'm sure they are perfectly fine without a life. 

If any of those were posted here, they would be featured, have a 4.67 rating, and have hundreds of thousands of views/comments.


8 years ago

It just amazes me how people can make this stuff