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Huge knex lot. 30 lbs. appraise? Answered

Aight, so im back. for a short period of time, that is.

I've realized that over the past few months i haven't touched my knex. Its become a childish past obsession to me. So, yeah, i've decided to sell the knex. Its 30 pounds of good pieces. Not the crappy pieces that no one uses. All the good stuff. Im talkin 250+ yellow 5ways. 1000+ green rods. Every piece imaginable. This was enough to make the Knexsayer, the tr18, and some oodaammo pistol at the same time. I've had a good time here, but , time to move on. So, how much for it? i was hoping to get above 150. i'll probably put it on ebay....


Are you still interested in selling these? i need a lot more knex, would you take over 100 dollars of gift cards? any brand you want just PM me.

I'll pay $20 dollars on ebay.com.au (I'm Australian) and $10 bucks postage I know you think it cheap but you will have to get them rid of one way or another Ü

Hey any chance you might still have them i might be interested

I want to buy this but not on Ebay because Ebay charges too many BS fees. Can you take other forms of payment?

Yeah, I can do paypal. How much are you gunna pay?

Paypal was made by Ebay. It also charges BS fees. How's $100 cash sound?

WTF? Cash? Hell no. Anything else you come up with, maybe

And I just realised this thread is a year old :| ......

Maybe I could trade a 3rd gen iPod nano?

do you still have them i might be interested in buying them if you still have them

im not interested in buying, but heres a suggested way of payment:

a USPS money order. it costs 50 cents and is safe. just make sure you cash it before you send the knex

That much is worth 100$?

Wow, I must have at least 1500$, scattered throughout the rooms in my house.