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Huge working Crossbow! Answered

In art class in school today, I took a bunch of random things - this metal thing, some yard sticks, a ruler, fishing line, a plastic thing, and this wooden bit, and made a giant working cross bow. The trigger system consists of two chip clips. I haven't tested the range yet, but when I do I will post the stats!


Oh I thought You'd nicked my plan, it's not as big as I expected, nice one though, a simple hook and hinge trigger would probably be a good bet.

actually, i'd need two for this one due to the ammo. but, i'm working on a different type of trigger. btw, tip to tip on the arms is 6' 4", and from front to back is 4'

Ok it's a bit bigger than I thought, for the trigger mechanism how about this: The thing through the middle is the axle for the actual hooks to turn about, its oversimplified but see what I mean? A spring could be added to push it up after each shot making it quite easy and quick to set fo firing...

bow trigger.bmp

that is a little bit too good looking, actually. haha. i sort of am using this as an exercise in making weapons out of random objects. i've decided to use two of those clips that you use on chip bags.

Ah I've messed about with them, they are actually pretty weak, mightnt hold much load, fo the hooks some scrap wood with cover of soda can pressed over the hooks would be a good bet, the smooth surfaces would ensure nice pickup and drop off and lower chances of ruining the string quickly... the chip clip might have a place as the spring pushing the hooks back up though, or a clothes peg...

I finished it, and it works great with the chip clips! I have yet to test its range because it is 12:30 A.M. here, but it already made a dent in my wall.

I'm suprised, how'd you use them? unless were talking about different clips... Fire it out your window as a range test... Now!

I got it to shoot 40 feet, but with a bad string. Hopefully, I will put some god string on tightly, and I will get it to 60 ft, my eventual goal.