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Human Mirror (Improv Everywhere) Answered

Improv Everywhere sets up a human mirror in a NYC subway car with eight sets of identical twins. The reaction shots are only so-so for this one, but the setup is still pretty sweet.



Haha, that's so funny! I wish I had a twin.

Aren't those two guys in the front the twin brothers on the Last Comic Standing. I forgot there names but they're ok funny. I guess that's because there's already a pair of twin comics and they kind of do the same type of bit.

I would freak out if I walked in there and saw this. I would look around and start doing the exorcist kind of head movements like WHAT THE CRAP! Am I HALUCENATING? Lol.

lol yea this was on yahoo pretty sweet but where did they find all these twins at

It is pretty easy. You can put a little classified or listing on a networking site, or a site like Facebook, and people flock to them. It is similar to flash mobs and such.


10 years ago

Wow, that is so well done...

Entering the car as pictured above would give me a bit of a start for sure. I would normally expect "twins" to sit together, and so this would go against expectations, which is where the shock value comes in :-)

Myself being an identical twin, I absolutely love this! The reactions that my brother and I receive are always amusing.

"I am guessing you guys are brothers."
"Are you guys twins?"

The best is when both of us work at the plant nursery together, the double takes of the customers are priceless. I sometimes get asked questions about a plant two minutes after my brother was talking to them. I just tell them that you were talking to my brother.

There is a twin conference in Twinsburg, Ohio, where they have the Twin Days, and tons of identical twins show up in the same outfits to meet other twins. It looks fun.

This reminds me of a question a friend of mine - a twin, of course - sometimes gets?

"Are you identical twins?"

Of course, they ask him this after he tells them he has a twin *sister*!

Some people... *shakes head* LOL!


That happens to my freind wo is a twin and has a sister too. lol

Haha cool , good idea :P

I love' improv everywhere!

if i walked in their i'd be sad cause i was the only one without a "human mirror"

nice, this is pretty cool. Fungus are you allowed to feature your own stories? seems a bit unfair to me!

It's fair if the stories are good enough to be featured. Now, with iBles, it's a different story.

He's staff. They do this to keep the forums going with something to talk about. Fungus usually takes care of that, but lately joshf has been doing it.


10 years ago

I love those guys. So creative! Some people in my area got all the seniors from the local high schools together and did a freeze in our Wal-Mart. It's on YT, called the Augusta freeze.

How'd the shoppers and staff at wal-mart react? I can only imagine the security guy sitting watching all of the monitors, taking a drink of coffee, glancing at the montiors, spraying it everywhere, then whacking the monitors, thinking they're malfunctioning.

LOL! This is cool!

HAHA!!! So cool!