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Hunting rabbit? Answered

So, I know you're not supposed to hunt rabbit during the summer, because of diseases and parasites, but what if they seem healthy? Like no fleas, bots, spots on the liver, etc. Yes I do want to eat them, and yes it is legal in this area because they are simply destroying my moms garden, and she asked if I could take care of it. However, since I don't want them to go to waste, I wanna eat em! Would they be safe to consume?


i live in montana and i have eaten rabbits year round but have never gotten sick. once when i lived in arizona, i went dove hunting with some other guys and we split up. when we got back they gave me a rabbit they had shot(in the fall). when i got home and opened it up, there was this big worm in it about 2 inches long and a diameter of about an inch! THATS NOT GOOD


7 years ago

Check with your local government game and fish or wildlife agency. They should have all the information you need. That's their job, let 'em earn their keep.

+1. That agency will know what the actual health risks are, and when and where this is legal. (The fact that they're destroying the garden may or may not have any effect on the legality, depending on the local laws.)

One other quick thought: How far are you from neighbors who may have been trying to solve their own rabbit problem with poison?

They'll also be able to suggest other ways of discouraging the critters. Killing them may not be the best answer.


7 years ago

According to Elmer Fudd any time is a good time to hunt wabbit.

But, I just checked with a hunting expert friend of mine and he said that you should NOT eat them in the summer. You could get sick and apparently the rabbit's don't taste as good either because they have not stored up any fat. He said after the first hard frost is when you can eat them. Now squirrels are OK anytime.
You might try live traps. Either you could relocate them to a far away place of someone you don't like OR you could keep them fed with garden scraps until its the right time for them to become a main course.



I don't know if you have ever noticed but cats always start eating something at the front end. When one of my cats was catching ground squirrels faster than he could eat them (he found a big family of them) he made a pile of headless bodies. He ate the heads off about 6 of them but didn't stop to eat the rest apparently wanting to get them all before they thought about finding a better place to play. Their mistake.
So either the brain diseases don't affect them (cats), OR they are already crazy and it isn't noticeable, OR they don't live long enough for it to manifest itself.
I prefer chicken, and their brains are to small to bother with.
You know the real reason the dinosaurs disappeared is that they tasted like chicken, and everything likes to eat chicken.

We used to have a cat who would line up headless bodies of mice and voles outside the back door for us. I wonder if the 'bite the heads' off thing is related to the killing bite to the jugular which the big cats such as lions use, except with such a size disparity between a cat and a mouse . . .

Apparently scrambled squirrel brains on toast is popular in some areas of the US, but as someone who gets their meat from the supermarket or butcher's, it wouldn't be my first choice from the menu.

why hunt?

go and farm rabbit instead and then you have total control over hygiene, diseases, etc.

it's a project I have on the go right now- 1 buck and 3 does are being delivered right after my cages are made.

I want to hunt because they are there, not for the express reason that I am craving rabbit. And the fact that they need to not be there.

Eh... What's up doc?

Rabbits are usually safe to eat and free from parasites.  It's ducks you have to watch out for! Ducks are terrible, deceitful, filthy animals.

No wait!  I think I got that backwards.  Ducks are usually safe to eat and free from parasites.  It's rabbits you have to watch out for! Rabbits are terrible, deceitful, filthy animals, and you definitely wouldn't want to eat one.



Your question would have been better titled as "Eating wild rabbits?"


Rabbits have fleas the year round. Here in the UK Rabbits are shot all year round and eaten. I dont see any reason for a closed season.