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Hunting with Nerf Guns Answered

The other night I was in full camo out in my street. I had stale bread torn up on the road as bait. Laying in the bushes, I waited for a target. For minutes I lay there, motionless, waiting for the perfect prey. Finally, a curious crow flew down, and started to peck at the bread. Using my steampunk-esque NiteFinder, capable of shots up to 50ft, I took aim. In a split second, just as the crow saw me, I pulled the trigger. My aim was true, and if I was using a real weapon, I would have killed it. A clean headshot, a bragging right, and awesomness was gained that moment. He flew away in relatively good condition, but I still had the satisfaction of that headshot.

Now, tell me if you have hunted anything with a Nerf gun, and post an Instructable on how to make hunting darts.


we tried to go toad hunting by sticking secures through the nerf bullet or a thumb tack on the end


5 years ago

Huh, that's kinda a cool concept... Achievement hunting, rather than actually killing animals. Would be interesting to do a method Instructable on that...

Achievement Hunting. You gave it an awesome name. I shall make an Instructable! By the way, is that a Bionicle as your profile picture?