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Hy maybe somebody can tell me how I can jamm 10 to 60khz radio signal? Answered


Maybe anybody have any ideas how to do this? One of my devices is affected by somebody on this fq range and I would like to turn it off.

Thank you.


are you talking a cell phone signal?. i would check out the aypper zapper cell phone jammer

What is affected and how?


If you do something that jams the other signal it will jam your device also.  If you purposefully jam another signal you may be legally responsible and  may be interfereing with a legal operation.

You're in the UK and I don't know the law there but in the US if the other signal is a listed device you pretty much have to accept the interference.

You might try making a complaint to your version of the FCC and see if they can check it out and make sure it is a legal signal.

It could be and electrical distribution line arcing over an insulator that's causing the interference.  In which case adding your jammer wouldn't do anything to get rid of it.

Anyway the best course would be to find out what's causing your problem before acting.

You're assuming that the signal you are receiving is a subtle broadcast signal, its in the right range to be from someone's induction hob or ann industrial process nearby, and nothing you can do will "interfere" with it.

That said, there are significant legal restrictions on broadcasting crud into the spectrum, and the Radio Regulatory Agency should be able to helop further.