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Hybrid solar trough for air heating and hot water, will it work to reduce the amount of pipes needed? Answered


You've got overlapping comment boxes, I can't figure out quite what you're asking about in here.


Thanks, I think they are fixed now. I have been checking this type of stuff on the net for a couple of years. Last night I looked again and found 2 pdf's of stuff that they were doing from the 50's up to about 2000.
It is actually pretty interesting.
The cusp is the path of a point on a string as you unwind it from a cylinder.
Trombe Meinell cusp Trombe got a patent in the 1957 in France for it.
I just have to figure somewhere open to post them.

. Would a logarithmic spiral work better than a primary/secondary arrangement (which seems to my eye to closely approximate a LS)? It might be easier to build. Maybe not. YMMV

It might do, I don't know.
Actually I just found some neat pdf files of work that was done on collectors from the 1950's to 2000, including an optimized Winston collector and stuff similar to what I am trying to do. I will give links when I get back from work.
Also I did some more drawings last night that more represents the 47 degree thing.