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Hydro Power generation from water service . Question? Answered

Has  anyone  ever  tried  or thought   about some how  rigging  a  hydro  generator  maybe   some type  of   enclosed   padel   system  onto  the    supply water  service   from the street to the  house?  I cannot help  but think   their should besomeway to harness    the  energy of   public  water system .  As many loads  of  cloths  as i  see  my wife  washing  and  the dishwasher  seems  to   be  alot fo wasted  energy. Just  curious .




What frollard says i correct
what lemonie says is unnecessary
but a great thought
keep it up

Yes, but you'd need to get through a lot of water, which would either cost you and would be be extremely wasteful either way.

Try to steal power from the phone company
Actually steal power from a street-light
Steal radio/TV energy from a nearby transmitter


thanks , i did not know if the possibilty would be there for some type of small generator for charging a battery pack or something while the water was on its way to the house. Anyway it was just athought thanks again. Andy

Your thinking is OK up to a point. You either get very little, or you use a lot of water.


Seconded. In theory it works but you have to consider 2 things: Energy is conserved, so you can only extract as much energy as was in the water pressure to begin with (not a whole lot once you consider intermittent use) -- and that once you extract said energy (water goes from high pressure to low pressure after the turbine) -- the water is virtually useless in your home because it doesnt have any pressure to go through your plumbing. To run a pump to repressurize it before use would use WAY more energy than you extract.