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I Finally got Glasses Answered

I finally got glasses and can finally see, it's pretty nice. I can now sit in the back of the classroom, goof off, and finish all my assignments at the last minute. Sweet!!


(show us yours) L


Excuse me? Are you somehow linking the first image with me? I have actually needed glasses since the age of 7, when I realised I could tell which way blonde teachers were facing. Only a small margin away from legally blind, I now where contacts. After 30 years without, I have regained my periferal vision - my pupils didn't know what hit them!

Shouldn't that be, "I couldn't tell tell which way blond teachers were facing"

Ah, true. I could tell as soon as I got the glasses.

its wear contacts not where... (my first correction for you)

Serves me right for posting whilst teaching!

You're a teacher? And on instructables? That's about as bad as my 1st period teacher texting....

I'm not right now - it's 9.30pm in the UK. I had a class earlier working on an independent learning task, which kind of left me at a loose end.

Nope. i have needed glasses for a couple months now, its weird, i feel like i'm wearing something stupid on my face.

A couple of lumps of glass and some twisted wire? Of course it's stupid. Massively beneficial, though.

HArdly stupid, people will now immediately asume you are more intelligent, secondly, you can develop "habits" that reinforce that belief, nothing like staring at some one over the top of your glasses with a look of derision on your face to sap someones confidence.

Yay! I need new glasses. I can squint just enough for my driving test, but can't hit anything with an open-sighted rifle. I need to get it done before my insurance changes!

I think they make the little letters in the thing you have to look into at the place you get your drivers license blurry on purpose. I swear.

You're probably right, but I can tell I just can't see as well these days. If I drive in unfamilliar territory, I really need the glasses to read the signs.

I just really hope I don't end up having to get glasses...

Yeah, other people with glasses make fun of you for having "bigger glasses".

Yeah I know my sister and I used to kinda make fun of the huge glasses my mom used to wear. But then she got a different pair.

That's true. Occasionally I'll put on my wifes old glasses (from the 80's) and try to make the kids laugh.

I've driven in familiar territory i've lived near there all my life but, when its dark, raining, foggy, you need glasses, and you have a burned out headlight, it's hard, lol.

Agreed. I hit a deer a couple of months ago with my wife's Tahoe. It would've been MUCH worse if I'd been in the old Mazda or on the Harley!

It's an old 323. It's embarassing, but I got it for $250. After driving it for 80,000 miles, I finally had to replace the tires, battery and alternator. Oh, and it gets nearly 40 mpg.

Hmm, how many times for the alternator? i've had to use the lifetime warranty at auto zone 7 times now.

Wow. I tried to graft one in from an old Civic I had laying around, but I burned up the wiring. SO then I just replaced it with the correct part (only once so far.).

No kidding, a few years ago, my dad hit a dear in our Ranger, BAM! $1000 damage.

Ouch! You couldn't even tell from the Tahoe. It only moved the bumper in about 1/4 inch, and got some blood and hair on the grill.

I'll check it out. I've been a bit distracted lately, and unable to make intelligent searches.

Where did you get 'em? I can't even tell that you're wearing them! L

Ah come on - let's see you with 'em on - I'll go away and photograph me.. L

Your choice of the first image is very wrong on many levels. I am offended.

Maybe he was just a buck-toothed, guy that squinted and because of his teeth he spoke in such a way and liked to wear certain hats. You make things sound racist.