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I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

ok, so i decided i would get the Motorized madness ball machine. it had 2004 parts, chain links, gears, and a motor. i thought that would be a jackpot.

but i was wrong, as most of the parts were those tiny knex parts that we all hate. there was only one bag of real knex and a bag of chain links and gears with the longer rods. the 5 balls were also of good use.

so, what was the best knex set you ever bought?


if you got it off ebay, we get our asian friends together and have a "little talk" with him


you could just say pieces are missing and then return it

they dont let you return it if there are parts missing

say that you bought it and opened it and there were less pieces...or you could do waht i used to do when i used to need some pieces.... pick a set out with a lot of connectors, write down the model number and call 1 800 KID KNEX...tell em that you bought the set, but the bag with connectors (or whatever you need is missing) and they'll send you the bag of whatever at no charge :P

well, i need regular size parts and there was only one bag in the set, so, if i say all the regular size parts are missing, i wont gain much, except for the white connectors, orange connectors, and yellow rods

well if its free then its your benefit i'd just wait a little while in between your fake missing parts orders lol

Lol I did that a few weeks ago....they replaced the red tubs with ones with minis, all I did was put the lid back on and return it xD

or go on craigslist or whatever and trade it

that would be impossible, as the box is partially ripped and they would notice i cut the tape

with this set, you should put little tiny guns, like 200 of the to make an ultimate gatling gun!!

no, i don't have that kind of money. if i did i would though, i could use the pieces. really, i could make it now. i just need to get another one of the white gear motors(my white gear is stripped and i don't know were the outlet hookup for it is.)

that sux.... i need more peices mainely those Y connectors and the gey connectors like: ___ _ __ | / \ ___|_\__/

darn it it skrewed up the picture i made of slashes and underscores!!!

Ages 16+ ?? What?? You get instructions with it!!! It doesn't take more skill or thought....it's just big, THATS ALL!!!

ya, that is what i thought. i am guessing that the instructions are not as in depth as some others they made because of the size, making it hard for little kids to make.

first, they dont sell that set. second, i dont have 500 bucks

Thats too bad...

I'm guessing they are your favorite band....

the only way you would be able to tell it was a minipeice k'nex builder was the blue peices (er... thats the only was I could tell.......)

Well they give you a set with directions and a picture on the box on how it's supposed to look and you say you get ripped off? It's really your fault...

not really, because they said it was 4 feet tall and a regular size knex motor

Yes, but on the back you can tell if they are mini or not, 'tis how I avoid that problem.

Well I didn't see it say "regular", and you didn't even put it together, how would you know if it wasn't 4 feet tall?

that wasnt the point, i wanted the ball machine to build knex guns, but i got crap parts