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Usually you can find some deep holes that have some type of odd metric screw at the bottom. It may be a specialty screwhead you may not have the proper bits for. If you cannot remove those or if there are none, look for a seam where it looks like the case was put together. You may need to use a hacksaw to slice it just enough to cut away the welded or glued seam. Try poking around with a paint scraper or thin flat screwdriver to see if there are any retaining clips to push in to separate the case. Use caution to not damage the batteries inside and be careful that sharp objects don't slip and jab you. It may just take brute force to crack one open and then worry about gluing it back together again. Good luck.

Dear Caitlindad,

If we Hideous Makita Orange pod owners are foolhardy enough to attempt to rebuild a battery pack, I think most of us could find ANY fasteners. Batvette is correct: The only ways into the pod are all destructive in nature. I had one pod professionally rebuilt, and it came back with some telltale gray smears of JB Weld on the bottom.

I have decided that if I have to go in, by golly, I'm not rebuilding with NiCD cells! I'm going to switch to NiMH cells, and get around the problem of an incompatible charger by using a mini-windmill to re-charge it. I have some junked kitchen exhaust fan motors that I'm going to extend the fan blades on and use the trickling electricity to re-charge the battery pack. From other stuff I've read about NiMH batteries, the more slowly they are charged, the better.

Don't worry - success or failure - I'll be posting a blow-by-blow account.

Assuming you mean the older pod type, AFAIK fat chance. I have in front of me the orange 14.4 nicad pack, it's similar in construction to 12 and 9.6 pods in orange as well as the black nimh 14.4 pods I have that superceded them with improved cells. You can see the seam on the case where the two halves meet, after an hour of first gently prying, hoping there was a couple tabs to pop, then successive levels of force with putty knives, sharpened screwdrivers, etc, I finally got it apart but it really uglied it up. Makita, bless their little hearts, put a precisely laid line of the strongest possible plastic adhesive on the mating surface of that joint. Fortunately it doesn't reach the whole 1/2" or so depth, but every fraction of an inch of that seam must be fractured and separated. So far I see 10 cells, must be two more at the top though I can't get the 10 out yet. They appear to be C size, I'd hoped for A size which I have some surplus of in nimh, I'm not going to buy 12 c rechargeables. When these pod packs were current and I needed a battery I'd always be able to find a closeout deal on a drill, 2 batteries and a charger for about 100 bucks. Better than 60 for one battery. If you have 12 (10 in your case) C's and you want to rebuild these I'd look at sawing out the bottom of the pod with a dremel and a cutting wheel, just inside the outside wall. Then with the new cells in glue and bondo/jbweld the piece and fill the cut. There seems to be no way to separate the pieces as assembled without near destroying the pod.

With each Ni-Cd producing 1.2V, you'll have 12 cells in a 14.4V pack.