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I Have A 20% Off Coupon Thingy for Palm.com (PDAs) Answered

I have a Palm IIIe, and I registered it on Palm.com and got an email with a code for 20% off my first purchase at the store on the site. I've found out that it can be registered again to get another 20% off coupon, and as many more times as you want until you actually use the code (which I haven't). I'm never going to use it, so I'm wondering what I should do with it. Contest prize here on Instructables? Sell it on eBay? Just give it away or have a draw?

I NEED A WAY TO DECIDE WHO GETS IT. Of course, I could just let you fight to the death and let the survivor take it.



Reply 11 years ago

Noone does, apparently. But you don't have to take it of course.

I'm afraid it might be wasted, for i'm spending a bit soon other various things.

He can have it...I don't have a PDA to get accessories for, nor enough cash to pay for 80% of one. I'm just looking for a new battery for an old iPaq that I want to use with an astronomy program with my telescope, but that's HP, not Palm.

i need a palm III sync cradle if someone can find one (i couldn't)


11 years ago

I'll give you 10% for it. LOL

You could always just give it to me...that seems like a good option...:-)

Ok which one of you actually wants it?

I will, if you're the only one who wants it. But are you going to use it? I don't want to waste it.