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I Have A Samsung LT141X4 - 156 LCD Screen From A Dell Latitude Laptop. I Want It To Be A Desktop Monitor!! Answered

I Was At Friends Place And One Of My Mates Wanted To Burn This Poor Dell Latitute Laptop, Seen As It Was Not Working Anymore. So I Asked If The Lcd Still Worked Which It Did.So I 

Grabbed The Laptop And Ripped The Screen Off (Always Wanted To Do That) Now I Have A Screen And I Can't Find Proper Details On How To Turn It Into A Desktop Monitor

I Understand The Fact That I Would Probly Need A Convertor Of Some Sorts To Make It Work. Anyone Got A Schematic?

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated

(Or Any Other Good Uses For It?)

Thanks In Advance
The Fuller



I know this thread is over three years old but i wanted to say that it is very easy to turn a laptop into a monitor. All you need to do is buy a controller on ebay for around $30. Give the seller the lcd panel model number and they will flash the correct firmware to support your screen.

So Then I Take It Building One Is Probly Not Cost Effective?

Sadly, no, it takes some fairly exotic silicon, which is very difficult to buy in less than 1000 offs.

Thank You Steveastrouk, Guess I'm Going To Get To Take It Appart, Whoop. Have A Good One. Cheers

Put it on Ebay, and use the funds to buy something cool

You CAN buy converters, but they tend to be horribly expensive compared to the cost of buying a new monitor !