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I Love airsoft! Answered

I have the Crosman R34 asssault rifle. Its awesome! I also have the Crosman Stinger P9. I just wanted to show what guns ive got even tho this is a nerf group.....



i got mine by trading for my old and broken shotgun


y the hell you u pay so much for your guns my gun was $60.00

both of those guns are only like 200-270 fps not trying to make you feel bad but look into buying an aftermath KIRINEX for $150 mostly metal higly reliable and cheap heres a photo... or mabe not cant det it to upload gogle it!

And another tear gently breaks the edge, of every Australian male's face as he sighs with despair... ;*(

Need a firearm license in Australia to own one... :(

so buy a license and airsoft your heart out dude!

Unfortunatley you need to apply, not just "buy" one. Your also required to do saftey coarses and complete relavent terms to hold one.

well u spend all that time and money just to get one and then u shoot the crap out of the neighbors dog and well u can find urself in some trouble Ps im not from australia but i feel sadness for those who are

aww that sucks. i can own one over here, but my parents said no.


9 years ago

dude, any airsoft gun bought from Wal-mart is a waste of money go get a real airsoft gun. echo1, tokyo marui, CA, and JG are some great quality brands.

try some of these sites


especially AirsoftGI I order from them constantly, they have frequent sales, fast shipping, and if they mess something up, they will fix it and give you free stuff.

one time = I = made a mistake (I forgot to put in a promotional code for free shipping) and they fixed that AND Gave me a free magazine.( not a reading magazine the one you shoot with :)

Some peoples parents wont let them have the guns that are fully automatic with 375 fps cuz parents tend to over react alot my parents useed to say i wasnt ever gonna get one but i got it and also some people dont want to spend 400 dollars on a TM thats going to be under 300 fps unless major modding takes place And i no hardly anyone who would spend the 1,000 on a systema wich are used by the military to simulate a firearm

I agree , walmart guns make the whole sport look bad

I had a bunch of airsoft guns but even teh full auto gas powered scorpion didn't have enough stone for my liking, so with a few modifications it was given an extended magazine and CO2 power from an adapter mounted in the wire stock, I then change the barrel for a longer one and added a big 'silencer' to balance it out. When I was done with it it sounded more like a gun than most guns, eventually after much heavy duty service the firing assembly came to bits under the pressure (designed for low pressure gas loaded in to a reservoir in the magazine) and blew the whole thing to bits in my hands I watched bits of metal come out the end, the magazine fall out and the blowback action ejecting a shell of what I think was barrel.

So next I desided to do similar stuff to a marui blowback desert eagle I got for free because the company just put it in my order and never asked if I had it... This yielded more devastating results but the blowback action came back hard enough to do serious damage to you and your wrists... On the upside my brother and I had a war with his bought co2 powered airsoft pistol. He hid behind a thin plywood door and as I was trying to hit him I shot him through the door, this one eventually left service when we got rid of them all (many reasons, including the fact that my modified versions could be heard a few streets away.)

So I made my own, 6mm pipe barrel (1.2m long) simple hopper loading system (single shot though) and 210psi of air behind it, This thing wasn't ever shot at anybody but could vaporize heavyweight BBs at long range... and yes i found some metal ones, all you really did was fire one and duck. these ricocheted fearsomely... I've been hit by an air rifle ricochet and got about a quarter inch into my shoulder, these may not have stopped. After this machine I kinda stopped bothering with airsoft after having something that if I ever let go full auto it would have been capable of fighting the undead...

Now I don't really venture into these things as much, most of the stuff I used has disintegrated, and the 210psi air compressor has been tweaked to 250psi but it sings as you use it, it runs the pump cylinders fast enough to make a humming tone that changes with the load and it scares the hell out of me as it has a two foot flywheel as part of the belt drive.

I could do some instructables like how to make a really good shotgun from some simple parts and a nerf gun (the one that was like a little launcher with four barrels, it's silent and can be used with paint pellets to make a mess that needs to be seen to be beheld...

e1 g36c for christmas baby!

Im getting a m14 spring soon cant wait 400 fps now if only my friends would vs that

That is not an R34...It is a Crosman, but it is a different model.

Airsoft question, do they make a Glock-ish version. My husband wants one for christmas, and I can't find one. Thanks.

Im sure that they have a glock airsoft gun somewhere. I would check at Dicks Sporting Goods and Sports Authority and a few other stores. The pistol in the picture is VERY nice Quality for only $20.00.
The rifle isnt full auto, but its powerful.

Hope this helped

for airsoft yes. most spring guns only go 275, but if ur talkin gas powered, then you could get up to 400 fps

most spring guns, eh? You ever heard of a bolt-action sniper rifle? About 95%of airsoft snipers are spring, and about 40% of those can shoot 500fps stock.

yes but i was talking guns like the ones in the pictures. besides i know boltsnipers go that fast because my freind has one

Definitely helps. It looked the closest to a Glock that I've seen so far, he's not into the 1911 or Sig Sauers so I was trying to find him something close. Thanks for your help.

ok. glad i helped. The Pistol in the pic. is the Crosman Stinger P9 pistol. You can pick it up at Dicks for $20.00- $25.00, depending on which state you live in. I would definatly reccomend it. Your husband will love it! My dads WAY older than me and hes love it!

yyeah bugger you rub it in we're not allowed to have that stuff in aust F#*k'n politions

i agree i dont live in australia but im not allowed to get airsoft

This isn't Aloe Vera, your not supposed to rub it in!


10 years ago

Maybe someday when you are older you will move to real airsoft. Of course you have to have money for that.

oh no you don't you need luck and a yard full of discarded pneumatic equipment... lol It's very expensive isn't it... Thats why I liked sniping... it's cheap

The ones i have are awesome too. Theyre gr8 quality