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I Made It Challenge Is Back! Win A Pro Membership! Answered

Due to the success of the first "I Made It" Challenge, We are bring it back for the rest of July!

For the rest of the month of july Instructables is giving away a 3 month pro membership to one lucky user who has made the project described in an Instructable, and posted a photo of their version in the comments or someone who has posted a slideshow of their version of an Instructable.

Because authors love to see their creations given new life! There's nothing better than seeing how someone else followed your Instructable and made something awesome. And if you try out a project, this is a great way to share what worked for you, and what work-arounds or changes you made. Instructables is all about sharing your knowledge, so we'd like to reward you for taking the extra effort to show everyone what you've done.

How do I win?
It's easy - we randomly pick one winner each day from "I Made It" comments left on original Instructables or slideshows posted around the site.
Have you already posted your version of an Instructable in comments or in a slideshow? Have you seen some really great examples someone else has posted? Link it here to be sure we've got it on our list! The challenge starts on June 1, so if you haven't already left an "I Made It!" comment or posted a slideshow, you've got more than a full month to make something from the site. Linking to your version here isn't necessary, but means we won't accidentally miss it.

I'll randomly pick one winner each day, and post the link here for you to check out. If you win, we'll send your coupon via PM within a couple of days!


July 14th: PHOBoS For Mad Scientist Light
July 15th: yokozuna for Emergency Vehicle Escape
July 16th: zurichko for Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe
July 17th: HeyJD for Lego USB Stick
July 18th: Joe Castrianni for Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
July 19th: kcls for Cake Pops
July 20th: Kiteman for Paracord Glasses Lanyard
July 21st: BritttLiv for 8/16 bit sculptures
July 22nd: Goesto11 for Wood Projects with out nails...
July 23rd: nightarya for Build a Pair of Stereo Speakers
July 24th: isavendetta for TShirt to Sexy Top
July 25th: alittlestranger for How to tie die and old white shirt
July 26th: chanceoc for Zombie Makeup
July 27th: kazzamacd  for 3d Dinosaur Cake
July 28th: IncredibleWeirdo for Munny Speakers
July 29th: NostalgicStone for Munny Speakers
July 30th: signposts for Keyboard Wallet
July 31st: Bionerd for Led Throwie Rat


You have to post your picture as a comment in the original instructable!

when is the next i made it challenge coming? next summer?

hey! it's really cool!! i mean i always get inspired to do new things from the instructables published projects and to be awarded by made them is even more awesome yet : D thanks !!

Hi, thanks a lot! Btw, why can't I directly answer to your post? (The "REPLY" link is missing)

Yeah ever since I used this 3 month pro upgrade my Rich Editor in comments isn't working any more...


8 years ago

YAY! I won! YAYAY!

I made (my own version of) Senator Penguin's iPod Throne. https://www.instructables.com/id/iPod-Throne,-a-lego-dock/ [I would have put the image here, but mah compooper is goin' crazy]

https://www.instructables.com/id/iPod-Throne,-a-lego-dock/ Here is the link to his Instructable.

Awhile back I made one of Kiteman's mini kites (using a broom's bristle). We found out it was not sturdy enough to fly in front of a "fan" running at full speed :-)

Oops, here is the link to his Ible: https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-tiny-transparent-kite-from-broom-bristles/?&sort=NEWEST&limit=40&offset=40

I made a lanyard for Roger-X from this Instructable.

I just grabbed them back off him for the photo:


And the pictures, don't know if they are necessary here, but I'll put them in, just in case.


I made a chicken coop/tractor off of jrosseti's design with a ton of help from my father. Search: I Made It Chicken Coop/Tractor and you should get to the instructable. Please vote for me! :D

Does this include the past things you made?