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I Need Suggestions! Answered

That is it! I'm done dilly-dallying! Drop a idea for a knex gun below for me to build. I'll build it.


Maybe something else than a gun?

Wow that's mine ;D

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Just kidding,see my forum topic about it.

A gun where bombs come out:)

Build a Barret M82A3 LRSR!!!

I'm not a fan of sniper rifles, so I probably won't do this one.

I'd really love to see you build a good-ole-fashioned TR8, exactly like KILLERK's, and claim it is your creation. Or maybe you could do the same thing with the NAR... or the ZKAR.... Wait - I'm beginning to notice a pattern here. Guns like the SRVs 1-3, TR8, NAR, and the ZKAR all have one thing in common, the letter "R." Maybe that is why they are so popular...


Something bolt action.... I honestly am having trouble building simple pin guns now... too easy. XD

A giant multi-shot slingshot cannon.


4 years ago