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I Need Your Help Finding a Tool Answered

Alright folks, I need your help.

I am looking for a tool that punches holes in Altoids tins. With my Altoids Flashlight kits, teachers at schools can't really use drills in the classroom, so I need a punch that will be able to make holes with the hit of a hammer or something along those lines. It has to be something small; not like a drill press or anything. It has to be a small punch or something that I can ship with the kits so that a teacher can use it to make holes.

The holes need to be big enough to fit mini PB switches and LEDs. I need maybe a website that can supply different sizes of punches; that way I can order just one and order it in bulk.

I usually make these holes with my Dremel, and not everyone owns a Dremel, so I need something that I can include in my bulk orders that can punch holes in various pieces of metal.

I am not sure if such a punch exists. It may take one or two punches to get a hole punched; but I am not sure of where to get such a tool.

BONUS!!!: Anyone who finds the perfect tool that I need, will receive a free kit as a thank you. After a few days I will let the user know if he/she will receive the kit.

Anyone have any ideas? Much appreciated!

(I sort of had to rush with the explanation of what I need; I have to get to work. But if you have any questions about it just ask me)


I like that punch, but it is a center punch; meaning that it only places a mark.

Mhm, you might be able to sharpen it on a table-top grinder, to get a sharper point. Then it might pierce the metal..

I really like both of these tools. Do you know where to find individual punches, instead of a lot like that? Because I know I won't need the larger punches, and also I will probably need to order one or two punches in bulk. Thanks for the links; I really like the handheld tool. I will see what others can help me with and in a few days I will let the person know who will receive the free kit.