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I Need help with taking my Keyboard apart..Sony PCG-7G2L? Answered

I have a sony Viao Laptop,At the bottom of the case the model number is PCG-7G2L. My K key broke and i ordered a new one but no instructions came with. I looked on sony website but no luck. Can anyone HELP me take apart my latoptop and get the keyboard out to replace the key.. thanks so mush in advance........DAN?



9 years ago

I don't have a Vaio laptop (I have HP), but laptops all come apart about the same way. If you turn your laptop over you should see a bunch of screws. You do see screws... right? I'm gunna assume so. TURN OFF your computer and follow these instructions 1.Locate the screws that have a picture of a keyboard next to them, it will look like a rectangle with more rectangles (or squares) inside of them. Undo those screws. {NOTE: Some screws may be hidden under the battery or in extremely rare cases, under stickers. Look carefully!} 2. Then take a flat-head screwdriver and stick it underneath the keyboard. VERY CAREFULLY pry the keyboard up, it should snap up. If you look around the edges you may see little "hooks" that seem to attach the keyboard to the main part of the laptop, try sticking the screwdriver there. 3. Without pulling the keyboard clean off, unplug any cables that are attached to it. Be very careful not to break them. After they are unplugged, the keyboard should come clean off. 4. Take the new keyboard and plug in the cable(s) in the same spot as your old keyboard. 5. 'Snap' the keyboard back into the main laptop piece. Again, be careful with this, you don't want to break anything. 6. Turn the laptop over and rescrew the keyboard back in. Your done! Hope this helped DAN.

Thanks you for trying to help. i have taking apart laptops before and your advise is very dead on. but for some reason this sony is giving me nothing but trouble. i have took every screw out of this silly thing and nothing... it's like the computer gods just won't let go..lol..........I'll keep searching maybe i'll find out something....Thanks abunch....Dan

yes,computers can be unbelievable like that,in most cases you have to pry it off and find any hidden screws under any stickers