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I Need to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to my gaming chair Answered

I Need to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to my gaming chair before the release of Final Fantasy 13 in march. problem is i have know idea how to do it the way i want.

this is what i want.
add the jack so i can use headphones with my chair, but still use the volume dial on the chair and for it to mute the chair speakers when i plug the headphones in.

it don't matter if i have to leave the speakers unplugged as long as i can still use the volume dial.

please use my picture as a wiring guide.

Thanx guys for any help.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you use the right plug and jack, you can tie in between the output and the speaker.  Then plugging in the headphones will mute the speakers automatically.  And the vol. control will work on the headphones.  Having a separate vol. control on the headphones would allow you to keep the vol. the same between the speakers and the headphones.

The real trick is the jack. Some jacks are equipped with spring contacts that are pushed out of the way when a plug is inserted. The amplifier output goes to the part that contacts both the plug (when present) and this secondary contact (when absent), and the secondary contact goes to the speaker. Effectively, this makes the jack act as an automatic switch between headphone and speaker outputs.

(Note that only the "hot" side of the two speaker signals needs to be switched. A single common signal-ground goes to the "sleeve" contact on the jack and to the other siide of the two speakers; it doesn't have to be switched.)

You shouldn't have any trouble finding this variety of jack at any store that sells electronic parts; just tell them what you want to do and they'll point you to it. If you're trying to scavenge parts and can't find one of these in your junkbox, the alternative would be a manual double-pole double-throw switch to route the output to either speakers or headset as desired.

Should be an easy little project; the hardest part may be doing an attractive mechanical installation of the jack.


8 years ago

thax guys.
ill get started in a few hours and post the results.

all done for now.

no problem mounting the jack but i will have to use the switch idea to select head phone or speaker.

just hope i can fit three smaller switches (one for each speaker).

Final Fantasy 13, I shouldn't be surprised, I remember watching some girls playing Final Fantasy 11 or 12 - it was one of the most repetitive boring games I've ever spectated at...
Re' is right on the jack, get the right one and pushing the headphone jack in activates a switch that you can use to cut out the speakers. It's a really simple mechanical thing. If your headphones run off the speaker output you'll still be able to use the volume control.
I'd go for an old stereo that has one of these, but if you want to buy.. go looking