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I Need to make a large 40" wide sleeping bag. Low cost . Answered

 I'm thinking a couple of blankets safety pinned together with a wrapping of that reflective poly sheeting ( I have some) this mite work out if it wont rip or crackle loud when I roll over. ?.
 I will be leaving it in one spot, so weight is not a consideration.
.Anyone with experience with this?  thanks  Jon


Trapped air is the secret to warmth - a couple of duvets would work very well.

Failing that you should try a double layer and fill with polystyrene beads like used for bean bags.

If you use poly-sheeting it's going to get sweaty & damp. The bag needs to breathe.



6 years ago

Can you sew? Sew a folded sheet on 2/3 of one side and across bottom. Do the same with the blankets. (I guess you could tape the poly sheeting). Put the sheet 'sack' inside a blanket. 'sack'. Put the poly over the blanket 'sack'. Put the other blanket sack over the poly sheeting sack. By mostly sewing closed the folded sheet and blankets, the user will only have to manage the air coming in the open 1/3 of the side and top. Before sleeping bags, campers used to make 'bedrolls'.

That reflective blanket will crackle but if you put it between two layers of blankets it'll be much quieter and work just as well.